Scott McGinley grew up hearing almost every style of music there is. Coming from a large family he drew upon the influences of not only the current music, but the music his older brothers and sisters (and his dad) were listening to. So from an early age Scott nurtured the fond love and appreciation of many styles of music that is still one of his many assets. Coming up on as diverse sounds as James Brown, Glenn Miller, The Beatles, The beach Boys, James taylor, ELO, and Elvis, Scott showed an interest in music at a very early age, and started playing the clarinet at age 9. But it wasn't until he could convince his parents he was serious about music (by building a drumset out of food containers and playing it for them), that he would gain the support of his family and start seriously pursuing (rock) musical endeavors. After performing as a drummer in many bands throughout high school, Scott found an interest in the keyboards, bass and guitar and began playing keys immediately in local club bands. This really changed things....a way to make a living playing!

By 1994, Scott was ready to sign a recording contract when he decided to take a road less traveled....very less traveled. A road that would change his professional & personal life forever. Scott and his band (after many late nights of debate), with manager Jeff Deutch in tow, packed up and moved to make inroads in the largest developing economy in the world...Asia.

Asia presented many new opportunities, and Scott’s band New Religion quickly gained popularity. They set to work immediately in releasing albums of original material, and appeared on many radio and TV shows and also opened for many international acts. As their popularity grew, their album reached #7 (beating out U2!) in Taiwan, drawing the interest of many major record companies. One night, while playing a show in Taipei (Taiwan), there was a person in the audience that caught Scott's eye, someone he had to meet. Scott and Vicky met in December 1996, and hit it off immediately. Even though, at that time, Vicky only knew about 5 english phrases, they completely understood each other, and soon knew they were destined to be together. Around the same time, Scott signed a record deal with Terry Ellis (former owner of CHYSALIS [Huey Lewis, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Billy Idol, Jethro Tull]), which (temporarily) took Scott and Vicky away from each other.

The album was recorded in LA with legendary record producer Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Foriegner, Santana, Rick Springfield, Whitesnake, Heart). Studio musicians were used in place of a band. Jason Scheff (Chicago) on bass and back ups, Alex Liggertwood (Santana) on back ups, Tim peirce (Alanis Morrisette, Rick Springfield, Roger Waters) on guitars, and David Ravin (Amy Grant)on drums, along with Scott. The album came to be known as BLISS. Watch a short clip of what it was like touring click here!!! Listen &/or Buy Scott's Bliss Album Here!

After touring many countries including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philappines and India, 4 top ten singles, 3 top ten videos and stadium concerts of 15-30,000 people. The record company closed down and, to the bitter sweet delight of Scott and Vicky, BLISS was over...... it was time for a new project....The Insiders

Scott & Vicky started playing together as The Insiders in the early 2000’s, but it took them a few years to stumble on their current approach of being a mixture of a band, a dj and an intimate sing-a-long party with your friends. “At 1st we just played and sang as good as we could, but we started to realize, how much people want to have fun, sing along and dance. It’s just grown by leaps and bounds after we found the right approach” says Scott.

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Vicky McGinley was born Yi-Ying Chen, in Taipei, Taiwan. As a child, she was so tall (by asian standards), that her family told she would definitely marry an American. In 5th grade, when she was required to take a basic English class in school, her teacher gave everyone in the class an english name. From then on everyone knew her as Vicky. Growing up, Vicky decided that someday she would be a singer. In Taiwan, however, there's not as many opportunities to sing as in America, so the best training she could think of, was to go to sing karaoke as often as she could.

At age 16, after winning 1st place in a local modeling contest, she began a modeling career that also led to parts in television shows and in music videos. Her life's dream, to sing, still seemed unreachable, and she was growing tired of the lack of opportunities open to her in Taiwan. No one would hire someone with no experience, but there was nowhere to get experience!

In December 1996, Vicky and her friends went out to the hottest club in Taipei called "Kiss La Bocha". There she saw a great band that was gaining popularity in the area called "New Religion" (led by Scott McGinley). Scott says the story goes like this:"We were playing at Kiss La Bocha, it's a packed night, we're ready to go on break, and this beautiful girl comes walking in. She just stood out in the crowd! She looked so great that my bass player joked "you'd be THE MAN if you could get a date with her!" So almost on a dare, I went and talked to her, and even though she barely spoke more than 5 phrases of English, we really hit it off immediately! We started dating a couple weeks later and have been together ever since"

As Scott's band left to go on to the next country, he sent for Vicky to come stay with him when ever she could. Even as Scott returned to America to record, they were able to work out a way to be together. She made her 1st trip to America in 1997, and was immediately struck by how different things were. "The air is so fresh compared to Taipei and the sky so blue!" Vicky noticed. "The pointy roofs and all the space you have is amazing, too." With such a change from Taipei (a city the size of Philadelphia, but with many more people), where a simple trip to a restaurant means 2 hours of waiting in traffic, Vicky quickly got over her homesickness, and started to focus on her future together with Scott. Scott was really struck by how fast Vicky learned things and by her beautiful singing voice.

After visiting a few times, Vicky came back in April of 1999 for "just another visit", but Scott's marriage proposal quickly changed that! "I always knew, from the time we met, that Scott and I were meant to be together" says Vicky. So the newly engaged couple set about making plans for their life together, while Scott started playing locally in his friend Pat McCabe's band THE INSIDERS.

When Pat decided to take a break from playing, Scott recognized a chance for Vicky to do something she has always dreamed of-be a professional singer-but it would require a few "white lies". As the story goes: It was July and Pat decided by August he would leave THE INSIDERS. Scott relayed to his booking agent that he would like to do it with Vicky, but his agent disagreed, saying "she's very beautiful, and has a nice voice, but you really need a musician to take Pat's place." After trying to convince the agent a few times and always getting the same response about "needing a musician", Scott blurted out "well, Vicky does play (she did not at the time), I mean, she's not Eddie Van Halen, but she can play.... The agent was delighted, "Oh....well, that's different! If she plays I can definitely continue to book THE INSIDERS!" So that day Scott and Vicky went to the music store and bought a guitar and a keyboard for Vicky (that she had 8 weeks to learn how to play!), so she could become a musician and take over when Pat leaves. "I went through the songs and started with the easiest to learn and started teaching them to Vicky" Scott says, "keep in mind it usually takes a student 6 months to a year to start learning chords on the guitar......She would pick them right up on the guitar AND the keyboards!" While THE INSIDERS were out playing, Vicky was home practicing day and night!

On labor day 2000, Scott and Vicky played their first date together as THE INSIDERS. Since then they have built up a loyal following together, gotten married, played at some of the top clubs and casinos in the area and released a critically acclaimed album of their own material. "The best part is that now I get to do what I've always dreamed of doing -singing - for a I get to do it with the person I most love being with!" -Vicky McGinley

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We’ve joked that many people who sing with us are part of the Insiders, but Tommy Keene IS the 3rd Insider. He is our roadie, stage hand, truck driver, friend and occasional singer! We lucked out when we found him and couldn’t do what we do without him. He's a Supervisor at Vanguard by day also is a Perkiomen Township Firefighter @ station 66.